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Current Price List

Individually drawn up Wills:


Discounted price for two Mirror Wills

Two documents drafted as a matched pair i.e. husband and wife or partners
*We reserve the right to charge extra for more complex Wills, but you will be notified of this prior to completion of your Will if this affects you. (See additional fees for Will Trusts overleaf). Your Will instructions and signing can take place in the comfort of your own home (within 5 miles of your chosen instruction taker) at no extra cost. Our prices include a total of two appointments. Additional mileage will be charged at 45 per mile payable directly to the instruction taker and will be agreed before the first appointment.

Lasting Power of Attorney:

£220 each

If making both H&W and P&FA and at the same time as a Will:

£195 each
At the time of making your Will it may be convenient to consider appointing your Spouse and/or other persons as your Attorney or Attorneys, thus enabling them to control your affairs (either property and affairs or welfare).
Registration fee payable to Office of the Public Guardian (£82) is not included.

Advanced Decisions:

£25 each
A document in which a person, whilst still competent, gives direction as to what should happen if and when he/she find themselves in a state of terminal illness and incapacity, no procedures designed to prolong or sustain life should be used and those already in place be withdrawn.

Pre-paid funeral plans:

A facility to pre-pay your funeral at today’s cost, either by a one-off lump sum or regular instalments is available. Cost is variable, dependent on your chosen plan.
Details on request.

Family Provision Claim Forms:

£15 each client

Fees List - Will Trusts:

fees in addition to fees for Will(s)
Additional trusts drafted into a Will are priced individually. The fee is only charged once in the case of mirror Wills.

Childrens Will Trust

A trust drafted into a Will which places money left to a child under age in the care of trustees until the child is old enough to look after it themselves

Life Interest Will Trust

A trust drafted into a Will which passes capital or property to nominated beneficiaries but allows someone else to take the income or benefit from the capital while they need to

Flexible Life Interest Will Trust

A combined life interest Will Trust and a property trust with trustees powers to covert to a “Nil Rate Band” Discretionary Trust

Property Will Trust

A trust drafted into a Will which passes property to nominated beneficiaries but allows someone to occupy the property while they need to

Discretionary Will Trust

A trust drafted into a Will which allows trustees to decide whom of a group of named beneficiaries can inherit, when, and by how much

“Nil Rate Band” Discretionary Will Trust & ‘IOU’ Provision

A trust drafted into a Will which maximises Inheritance tax allowances and therefore minimises the amount of tax payable

Severance of Joint tenancy

(changes joint ownership of property to "tenants in common" which enables the owners to gift their share of the property in their Wills).
No Cost. Prepared only for clients who are making Wills at the same time and severance of joint tenancy is needed as there is a trust in the Wills.

Document Storage (if required):

£20 per annum (single will)
£25 per annum (mirror wills)
(payments must be made by direct debit)

Land Registry Search:

£10 each property

Letters/memos of Wishes/Family provision claim forms etc:

~ £15 each can vary according to complexity

Additional photo-copies of Wills

£2 each copy

Property Protection Trusts:

£2,600 (single trust)
£3,600 (two trusts - couple owning property as tenants in common)
Property Protection Trusts (life time trusts) are available, and document is prepared by McClures Solicitors.
Payment is payable to Creaton Will Writing Centre Ltd. (please pay by cheque). Prices until September 2018
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