Creaton Will Writing Centre Ltd

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Creaton Will Writing Centre Ltd offers probate services through Kings Court Trust Ltd (KCT). There is a wide range of probate services for Lay Executors who would like professional support when someone has died. The choices include:

  • “Do It Yourself” option for your executors to obtain the grant of probate themselves.
  • “Grant Assist” option where KCT will obtain the Grant of Probate on behalf of your Executors leaving your Executors to distribute the estate according to your Will.
  • “Complete” probate administration service where KCT will take on all of the work and deal with everything on behalf of your Executors.

Initial guidance from KCT is free. If Executors are looking for additional support, the options for professional help will be offered, as appropriate. KCT is commited to fair, fixed and transparent pricing and will always quote a no-obligation, all-inclusive fixed price for the level of service required by the individual.

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