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Will Storage

Once your Will has been written you need to decide where you are going to keep it. The original document is the one that will be submitted for probate (not a photo-copy) so storing in a suitable secure storage facility is vital.

As part of our service, we provide Will storage through our partners, Kings Court Trust Ltd (KCT), ensuring your Will is kept safe, dry and secure.

Our clients have a lot invested in their Will – not just the costs of having it professionally written, but also the effects it will have when the need for probate arises. From a prudent risk management perspective, clients should consider the wisdom of simply keeping such an important document with their papers at home where the Will could, conceivably, become lost or be destroyed inadvertently or even on purpose! Fires and floods do happen and risk of loss is increased at stressful times such as when moving house.

The Wills entrusted to KCT are professionally managed offsite in a storage centre which has more than 2.1 million square feet of secure and flood proof storage space available, located away from city centres, industrial estates and the water table and, therefore, the associated risks.

It makes perfect sense to store one's Will in a secure facility.  We all take care of things that we treasure: we keep our money in the bank or building society, and jewels or other valuables perhaps in a safe, or strongbox at the bank. Even things like share certificates and Premium Bonds – which are of course replaceable in the event of loss or damage after the owner's death, unlike a Will - are kept in the proverbial “safe place&rdqou;.

KCT stores tens of thousands of Wills for Willwriting companies such as ours, and, on receipt, writes to testators, confirming that they have their Will and supplies leaflets for the executors so that, come the day, they know where to go to get the Will – without having to search in your loft!

We always place a card from KCT in your “copy Wills” package, and (as an additional bonus) there is a free Probate Advice Line so that your Executors can contact them after your death.

Storing your Will with KCT ensures safe custody of your documents with the added benefits of quick and easy deposit and retrieval. (note that your Executors can only remove your Will with a death certificate).

Storing your Will this way via Creaton Will Writing Centre is inexpensive at only* £15 per annum (single Will) and *£20 per annum (for mirror Wills) and is payable by direct debit once per year. Lasting or Enduring Powers of Attorney documents, letters of wishes etc. can also be stored with your Wills at no additional fee.

As an additional bonus, this year as in previous years, we offer to update your Wills for you for much reduced fees. The cost will depend on the work needed doing and if home visits are required, but we do try to treat our Will Bank clients as fairly and inexpensively as possible. See our current price list for update fees.

*Please note that prices are exclusive of VAT , but that currently no VAT is charged. All prices are subject to change.
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